What is Snow Tech Group?
In the industry of computer services and support, availability and follow through for the client tends to be lacking. All computer support businesses can repair PC's, develop websites, setup networks, and design software, and there are many out there. However, you must ask yourself; What level of service am i currently receiving? Can I reach technical support when i need them? What is the response time, and do they call back immediately? Computers and technology play a critical role in business and you cannot afford to have your computer systems down for a long period of time. Snow Tech Group understands this and that is why we are always there providing the utmost service in a timely manner.
"we can always be reached, day or night"

Our goal is to first provide superior customer service. And, secondly provide technology solutions. Most any one can provide you with hardware and software. Our niche is providing business solutions that utilize these technologies. Our strong commitment to customer service means we don't just sell services, we help you use them. We take pride in what we do.

What is it that we do?

  • Workstations tailored to your needs
  • Fast PC Repairs at competitive rates
  • Complete Business Technology Management
  • Fast support with instant remote assistance
  • Offsite backups with logs and monitoring
  • Voip Phone System Engineering
  • Network Engineering and management
  • Personalized attention catered to your business
  • Web Design, Hosting, and Email

Certified Partner